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The renovation of a damaged floor is aimed at restoring it to its original condition.
The floor that has undergone renovation is completely renovated, all kinds of cracks or signs of damage are repaired in it, and defects are filled.
Additionally, in order to minimize the rate of wear of the floor as a result of everyday use, we protect the renovated surfaces with special impregnants.
efekt renowacji lastryka
Zniszczony fragment schodka wraz z cokołem przed renowacją

Renovation of floors, as the name suggests, aims to refresh and restore the floor to the condition in which it was built. In many cases, however, mainly in buildings with terrazzo floors, where people worked without the appropriate skills or equipment needed to make and finish them, the renovation of the floors turns into a thorough grinding of the entire surface. It happens that in order to bring such a floor to its proper appearance, which gives us the exposure of the aggregate or profiling the surface, eliminating all the mountains and valleys left when spreading the mass, we are forced to remove the floor layer from 2-15 mm. Of course, the highest values are present on the surface of the floors, nevertheless, they are present in our daily work, and interestingly more such cases are found in younger buildings, which is due to the gradual disappearance of terrazzo art, which also contributed to the decline in interest in this material. . Renovation of floors in the aforementioned buildings requires from contractors much more work and skills, which can be seen when repairing defects or cracks in the floor. Another additional task while a thorough renovation of the floor has to be carried out is the closure of the pores in the floor, which are open during rough grinding, which is done by a so-called process. sludging, i.e. filling larger pores and small cavities with a repair mass specially prepared for this process, which eliminates their excessive presence in the structure of the repaired surface.

   Another thing that entails the renovation of floors is the repair of floor defects caused by mechanical damage, carelessly replaced installations in the building, which entails quite inelegant forging floor fragments in sensitive points, and repairing them with inappropriate material, which is probably an indispensable part of most apartment blocks. In such cases, the renovation of floors often turns into an artistic work to match the new complementary material to the existing floors, so that it is as little visible as possible. It is not complicated when dealing with common types of aggregate used in the construction of floors, but the problem arises when it has ceased to be used or has completely disappeared from the market due to the exhaustion of materials in the mine from which it was extracted, or by closing them. , and the stone material itself had an extraordinary color. In such cases, finding a suitable replacement is a real challenge to ensure that it meets the standards of a properly performed repair. Renovation of floors, however, is often purely superficial, i.e. smoothing the floor surface, without any leveling or exposing aggregate, which is obviously understandable with well-made terrazzo, it looks worse in the latter group, where, of course, polishing of the surface will change our concrete floors, terrazzo, however, will not give them the character that such floors should have for the types of surfaces that are related to the renovation of floors.

     An additional element that is increasingly being introduced into use is strengthening the surface so that our floor retains its appearance for longer, which undoubtedly will help us to strengthen its upper layer, and thanks to the rapid technological development, the availability and the amount of materials intended for this, undoubtedly works to our advantage. 

Szlifowanie lastryko, albo jak często wiele osób mówi czyszczenie lastryko jest jedynym rozwiązaniem jakie trwale zmieni naszą posadzkę, oraz pozwoli na zabezpieczenie jej na wiele lat. Oczywiście jest to związane z prawidłowym przeprowadzeniem całego procesu, gdyż składa się on z kilku etapów, od początkowego szlifowania zgrubnego na niewłaściwie wykonanych posadzkach, poprzez kolejne szlify odpowiednio dobranymi gradacjami materiału ściernego, naprawy ubytków, oraz wypełnienia porów, po końcowe spolerowanie całej powierzchni. Bez prawidłowego podejścia do zagadnienia jakim jest renowacja posadzek lastrykowych, czy odpowiedniej wiedzy w tym zakresie, może się okazać, że efekt wykonanej pracy będzie krótkotrwały.

alt="Stare i brudne lastryko po szlifowaniu"

We undertake the renovation and grinding of floors:

- terrazzo,

- concrete,

- stone. 

Zaniedbana posadzka lastryko
Wyraźnie zniszczone i zaniedbane schody przed renowacją
Lastryko po renowacji
Schody po renowacji, uzupełnieniu ubytków, renowacji cokołów

Repair of defects in renovated floors:

- small cavities - repair works are performed with the use of special resins with an admixture of properly selected aggregate;

- larger cavities - the repair is carried out with the use of materials corresponding to the properties and appearance of the repaired surface;  


Attention! If the repair cost equals (or exceeds) the cost of replacing the entire floor or stair treads, we recommend and provide the service of a complete replacement of the renovated surface (floor, stair treads, etc.). 

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