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Most people who think about the renovation of their terrazzo floor, seeing the scale of its degradation over time, the events that the floor has witnessed (because it is worth remembering about the longevity of this material), often recognize that the only way is to cover it or completely replace it with another (e.g. tiles, gres). There is nothing more wrong ... Terrazzo floors, even those decades old, bearing large signs of destruction or even signs of war (in our work, for example, we encounter bullet marks in the floor), they are much more solid and durable than other surfaces. In addition, terrazzo floors have one great advantage - they can be effectively and aesthetically renovated to look like freshly poured! Terrazzo floors are also much more resistant to abrasion or other mechanical factors.
For this reason, before we destroy the long-term, durable and resistant terrazzo floor, it is worth considering whether to renovate it and enjoy saving durability for the next several dozen years or longer.
We undertake the repair of floor cavities:

- terrazzo 
- concrete 
- stone  

The technology of repairing cavities in floors is adapted by us to the size of the repaired surface:
- small losses - we perform repair works using special resins with an admixture of properly selected aggregate 
- larger losses - the repair is carried out with the use of materials corresponding to the properties and appearance of the repaired surface

alt="Bardzo zniszczone schody lastryko"
alt="Schody lastryko po naprawie"
alt="Zniszczone stopnie lastryko"
alt="Schody lastryko po naprawie"
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